Government Order with Subject

16/10/2017 G.O (Ms) No.266/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department- functioning new college-Sri,Sthyasai arts and science college-sanctioned-orders issued
19/09/2017 G.O (Ms) No.257/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-functioning new college-Sri,Sthyasai arts and science college-sanctioned-orders issued
22/08/2017 G.O (Ms) No.244/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-collegiate education- estta-'lecturer in tourism' post renamed as 'lecturer in travel and tourism'-orders issued
21/08/2017 G.O (Ms) No.240/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-indoor stadium development,Manimalakunnu T.M.Jacab memorial govt college- proposal included in KIIFB-
16/08/2017 G.O (Ms) No.239/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)- creation of one finance officer post-sanctioned-orders issued
07/07/2017 G.O (Ms) No.183/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Bisop Yesudasan CSI & Arts and Science college-functioning new aided arts and science colleges,2017-18-sanctioned- orders issued
05/07/2017 G.O (Ms) No.179/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-nomination of personalities in state library council-revised-orders issued
22/06/2017 G.O (Ms) No.168/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-NCC department-Idukki-33(K)NCC battalion-new post creation-orders issued
13/06/2017 G.O (Ms) No.149/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Collegiate education-creation of teacher post in arts and science college-order amended
11/06/2017 G.O (Ms) No.144/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-private aided colleges-non-teaching staff pattern-technical assistant post-changed in new group-orders issued
17/05/2017 G.O (Ms) No.133/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-17.05.2017  creation of three teacher post in Govt Women's college, Malappuram
16/05/2017 G.O (Ms) No.131/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Kerala commonpool library services-estta-approval for the organization-order cancelled reg
07/04/2017 G.O (Ms) No.102/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Kerala State Library councile-govt employees and teachers tenth salary revision -included employees under Kerala State Library council-orders issued
30/03/2017 G.O (Ms) No.89/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-ollegiate Education Palakkad Govt Victoria College- Creation of teacher post in Mathematics wing- orders
12/03/2017 G.O (Ms) No.71/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Collegiate Education Palakkad Govt Victoria College- Creation of teacher post in Mathematics wing- orders
04/02/2017 G.O (Ms) No.36/2017/H.Edn
Higher Education Department-Kerala State library council-library upgradation-criteria-fixed-orders issued